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Welcome To Apple Class!

Welcome to Apple Class 2019-20 

Staff in this class: Mrs Fiona Carter and Ms Cimi Warren

Term 3 & 4

We are just about to start a new exciting topic in Apple called Towers Tunnels and Turrets. 

See the castle ahead? Get ready to invade its mighty walls! Shoot a projectile with an archer’s aim! Head across the drawbridge, over the moat and up to the top of the tower. Meet Rapunzel who lives in a tall, tall tower. Let’s build a brand new one. Whose is the tallest? Can you measure it? Then dig deep, deep down, making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals who live underground. 

We will hopefully be going across the bridge to Cardiff Castle allowing the children to visit a real life castle, going back in time and experiencing the armour soldiers used to wear.

In English we will be learning all the skills needed to write a good letter.

Maths we will be starting looking at Addition and Subtraction before moving onto Fractions and Length and Mass later on in the term.

Apple class will continue with the extended Curriculum by to take part in 5*U every Wednesday of the term.  We will be gardening with Miss Carr weeks 1 & 2 then in weeks 5 & 6 we will be partaking in Forest School.

We will also be continuing to look at Christianity in RE and in PHSE we will be looking at thinking positively, then respecting rights.  We will also be having awareness days such as World Book Day, St David’s Day, International Woman’s Day and World Autism Day.

Well done Apple for a brilliant Term 3, I am sure Term 4 will be even more successful.

Term 2

In Apple Class this term we will be looking at Mighty Metals! The main subject of our topic will be Science, where we will be exploring forces, materials and magnetism. We will be talking about fair testing and expanding our Science vocabulary through our experiments. Looking at which materials make good parachutes.

In English, we are reading and writing all about robots! We look forward to our imaginative stories about what robots could do for us!

Maths this half term is numbers to 20, addition and subtraction and time! In Maths Meetings we sing songs to remember the days of the week, and months of the year. We also have different ways to remember shape and time.  We will extend our Maths Meetings as we move through the term, and are constantly extending and stretching the children’s knowledge.

Apple Class having been swimming in Terms 1 and 2, the children are doing brilliant and clearly love the water.

At the end of this term, we have our whole school Nativity, Superstar! We are busy learning all our lines and songs. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs Carter