North Star Academy


Welcome To Apple Class!

Term 2


Road Safety Week 19th – 25th November 18

Apple class been learning about road safety. They have learnt how to stay safe on a bike and what they should wear so they can be seen.

They also learnt how to stay safe when travelling in a car and what they should do to help keep the driver and passengers safe.




Maths - We have started the year by looking at number and place value, including Addition and Subtraction. We will then move onto looking at measuring and working with money. Whilst doing this, there will be continual practise of multiplication tables and related division in Maths fluency.


English - last term we were learning to write stories using talk for writing using the story Unfriendly River. This will link in to our theme Rivers and Mountains.  We will be working on sentence structure, the correct use of punctuation and grammar whilst also revisiting common spellings and our handwriting.


Geography – Rivers and Mountains will be our focus for our lessons this term, within this we will be looking at the water cycle and the importance of rivers, and how we make use of them.


PSHE – We will be looking at our dreams and goals.


RE – We will be finding out about different Christianity.


Art and DT – We will be looking at the artist Georges Seurat and ‘Pointillism’ and then discovering how to build bridges later in the term.


During all of these lessons we will continue to embed some of the things we learnt last year and will continue to improve on them. This will include how we present our work, our handwriting and the correct use of punctuation, spellings and grammar.

 PE / Swimming Lessons

-The next two terms 1 & 2, Apple and Oak will visit Henbury Leisure Centre for weekly swimming lessons. It will be every Monday afternoon, so please could you make sure that your child brings their swimming kit (swimming suit or swimming trunks/shorts and a towel, goggles are optional) every Monday.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher or the school office and we will call you back ASAP to discuss this.  



-Please remember to check your child’s home school Diary each day, we will pop a note in about their day for you to see. There will be also be weekly homework set each Friday and need to be returned on Wednesday. Your child will bring a school book home each day, please try if you can to listen to a couple of pages as they are all doing so well with their reading and will be proud to show you. It must be returned to school each morning.


Attendance and school uniform

We have been so pleased to see such smart students this week with wonderful attendance, please keep up the great attendance, as this is vital to enable your lovely children to succeed. You will be surprised what they miss, when not here for even a day.