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Welcome to Chestnut Class!

Term 6

Welcome to term 6

This term is a very busy term for us in Upper Key Stage Two. In English this term we are focusing on writing ‘Spooky Stories’ and later in the term we will be entering the ‘Greggs Foundation’ Story Writing competition. In Maths we are currently learning all about 3D shape and position, as well as translation and direction. Our TOPIC this term is ‘Bile, Bottoms and Burps’ where we are learning all about the human body.

On Tuesday the 16th of June we are attending Blaise Garden Nursery. Here we are going to be taking part in a tree trial around Blaise Castle. At the nursery we will then be given a tour of the Woodyard and be shown how all the machinery works. We will then have the opportunity to pot our own plants, which we will bring back to school.

On Tuesday the 18th of July all of our Year 6s will be going on our Leavers Trip. We are very excited to be going bowling at Hollywood Bowl, followed by having some tasty food. On the way back we will then have a visit at Blaise Castle.

We are currently getting ready for our End of Year Presentation that will be taking place on Wednesday the 19th of July. We have some lovely thing in store for this, and cannot wait to show everyone!



Term 5

Welcome to Term 5 of 2018-2019.

This term in Chestnut class we have been learning about our bodies including; teeth and our digestive system. We have carried out lots of investigations to compare our teeth and identify different types of teeth such as: canines, molars and pre-molars.

The pupils have really enjoyed sinking their teeth into this topic.



As a School we have a different PSHE focus each week such as ‘Mental Health Awareness’ and ‘Fire Awareness’. The pupils all excel at using these opportunities to have class discussions and learn about the wider community. This term Chestnut Class had ‘Deaf Awareness’ week which the pupils very much enjoyed. They learnt how to spell their name and a few helpful signs to communicate with people who are deaf. Here are a few of Chestnut Class proudly showing off their sign language knowledge.


Lastly, we are very proud to announce that most of our Year 6 class members sat their SATS. They approached the exams in a mature and sensible manner and worked very hard to prepare for them, WELL DONE!