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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons (‘D&D’) is a creative, collaborative role-playing game. To begin with, players create and design their own characters, determine their strengths, weaknesses and backstories. Once they’ve created their characters, they take them into the world of D&D created by the Dungeon Master (in this case their teacher). 

Our group is composed of dwarves, elves, halflings, tieflings, wolf cubs and a donkey called Albert (currently stuck in an infernal hell dimension). They are currently exploring a town called Phandalin and its surrounding area, that’s experiencing some unfortunate goings on.  

The group currently takes place on Friday afternoons and offers students an excellent opportunity to enjoy themselves while building their social skills, creativity and problem solving. 

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PE Extracurricular 

This academic year the PE department has been able to facilitate 3 different afterschool extra-curricular clubs.

Monday - students have access to Football Club

Wednesday - Fitness Club, and 

Thursday - Badminton/Table Tennis Club.

The clubs run from 3-3.45pm and have seen high levels of attendance, with over 50% of the school population attending over the course of terms 1 & 2. All of these extracurricular clubs build upon the foundations of knowledge learnt within the students core PE lessons, and the football session in particular builds towards our fixtures with other schools which will be coming thick and fast once government guidelines allow



Bristol University Trip

On Thursday 5th March, 10 students from years 8 to 11 visited the Life Sciences Faculty at Bristol University. We learned about student life and what sort of things we could study in the future.
Our morning session was held in the Engineering Building and we learned about bio-engineering which means using our understanding of the natural world (e.g. birds in flight) to help develop engineering projects (e.g. drones). We then got to fly drones and had to carry out different scenarios like surveillance of a criminal in windy weather and using the drone to deliver a kidney to a hospital patient. We then had to discuss a task where we had to decide the best features to include on a new, improved drone.
In the afternoon, we did a second session in the Physiology Building where we were all able to use the computers and ECG monitors so we could see our heart rates on screen. We then had to go on the exercise bikes and re-test our heart rate again afterwards. Finally, we went into a room where there were two life-size, realistic dolls where we could see the effect of different drugs on the body. The lecturer added a "drug" to the doll and we observed the doll’s eyes roll, heart rate increase and we could see the changes in oxygen level on the monitors. These dolls are a really important and expensive resource for the university as they allow students training to be medical professionals to practise on a non-living doll before trying it for real in a hospital!
Throughout the day, BGS students showed a real interest in the activities and asked the session leaders and university student helpers lots of questions. All the students now have a better idea of what university might be like and are better equipped to choose whether this might be something they’d like to consider for their future



Term 2 - 2019/20

At Bristol Gateway, we have had our first visit from Brush Up this term to educate us on the importance of looking after our teeth. We learned lots about how to look after our teeth and gums and how to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. We will continue to receive help and advice from Brush Up and we look forward to more visits in the future.

More information can be found on their website along with advice and support with tooth brushing and dental care.

 Term 1 - 2019/20

Term 1 has seen the re-launch of afterschool sport/physical activity clubs at Bristol Gateway.

On a Monday afternoon, from 3-3.45 the ‘BGS Functional Fitness Class’ is making use of some of the new equipment in the weights gym. We have had both KS3 and KS4 students in attendance, partaking in their own fitness sessions, as well as group circuit sessions.

Wednesday evenings have seen the return of the afterschool football club. Again, solid attendance has been seen from both Key Stages, and Term 1 has seen a new record of total attendance at 14 students, which equates to 43% of the school attendees that day.

Both of these extracurricular clubs build upon the foundations of knowledge learnt within the students core PE lessons, and the football session in particular builds towards our fixtures with other schools which will be coming thick and fast after half term.

Duke of Edinburgh Award:

The year 10's and 11's completed the 'Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award' last year. The team of students decided they would do a mountain bike route for their expedition. For their practice expedition, they cycled from Keynsham to Chelwood, doing tricks on their bikes along the way! They planned their route in advance and worked as a team to check they were on the right path.

For their final expedition, they cycled down to Cheddar and up along the Strawberry Line cycle path. They cooked their own food and camped overnight in Mendip Camp. The following day they cycled back down to Cheddar and walked up the cliffs of the gorge to take pictures for their project. It was extremely hot weather and all the boys worked very hard. They all did incredibly well and passed the award!

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