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Judicium Education - Film Competition, FREE to all schools in England and Wales

Could someone in your childs school be a young George Lucas in the making? Or might they be dying to unleash their inner Judy Garland, or Lady Ga Ga?

Judicium are teaming up with 20th Century Fox, Cineworld, Pulse Films and Lloyds Bank to launch ‘Six Minutes in the Spotlight’, a short film competition open to all schools in England and Wales.

All your child needs to do is create a film that runs for no longer than 6 minutes. We encourage creativity and will accept submissions from any and every genre. Their film could be:

  • A hip-hop music video
  • A serious documentary about your local area
  • A teenage zombie flick
  • A stop-motion plasticine cartoon, or even
  • A reality show about your school!!!

The only criteria are that it must entertain us, amuse us, intrigue us…or even just make us think. There really are no boundaries; this is your opportunity to put your creative abilities on display and dazzle us with your vision and voice.


For the Oscar-worthy entries there are A-list prizes to be won! First place will receive £2,500 and £1,500 for secondary and primary schools respectively, and the first 5 runners up will get their hands on £500 and £350. On top of that there are dozens of Amazon vouchers up for grabs and even free entry passes at Cineworld for a full year!


For full details of the competition, please visit https://wsarah-jayne

Good luck and happy filmmaking. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award:

The year 10's and 11's completed the 'Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award' last year. The team of students decided they would do a mountain bike route for their expedition. For their practice expedition, they cycled from Keynsham to Chelwood, doing tricks on their bikes along the way! They planned their route in advance and worked as a team to check they were on the right path.

For their final expedition, they cycled down to Cheddar and up along the Strawberry Line cycle path. They cooked their own food and camped overnight in Mendip Camp. The following day they cycled back down to Cheddar and walked up the cliffs of the gorge to take pictures for their project. It was extremely hot weather and all the boys worked very hard. They all did incredibly well and passed the award!

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