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Welcome to Elm Class!

Welcome to Elm Class 2019-20 

Staff in this class: Miss Hannah Hedge & Ms Claire Cooksley

Term 4 

In term 4 Elm will be looking at several different topics, each spanning for a couple of weeks. At the moment these topics include Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday), Healthy Eating (Lent) and Going on Holiday. (As Elm follows the early years curriculum, these topics could change depending on the children’s interests at the time).

Our Literacy will tie into our topics and will be based around books such as Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, The Hungary Caterpillar and Oliver’s Vegetables. The children will be writing for purpose based on these books and doing activities such as writing party invites, shopping lists and recipes. The continuous provision in Elm will reflect our topics and there will be lots of role play, sensory, construction, writing and maths opportunities around these topics for the children to partake in during their Learning Through Play time. As we have an over reaching topic of food, there will also be lots of opportunities for the children to cook and get creative with food!
In Maths our focus is going to shift back to numbers. We will be looking at numbers up to 15, addition and subtraction facts within these numbers as well as looking at sharing numbers (early division). All maths activities will be practical to allow children to develop a solid understanding and knowledge of these concepts.  
Elm will continue to have 5*U lessons every Wednesday, through which they will learn how to work together in teams, all about sportsmanship and being a good loser and graceful winner as well as learning the rules and skills involved with certain sports.

Elm are most excited to move into their new classroom next term. It is a slightly larger space, allowing for many more Learning Through Play opportunities, and allows us to have some dedicated outdoor space which the children will have access to during Learning Through Play. In particular, this will allow us to plan more activities which cover the Physical Development area of the early years curriculum and will develop and strength their gross and fine motor skills. It will also allow for more sensory play, such as in sand and water, and will give us the opportunity to grow some plants, such as sunflowers, which the children will be responsible for caring after.


Term 3

This term in Elm we will be looking at our new topic ‘What happens when I fall asleep?’

As part of this, we will be looking at nocturnal animals, people who work at night (and what they do) and space. As a class, we have come up with a number of questions around night time and space that we will look to answer throughout the topic.
We will do lots of arts projects around this topic, as well, and explore colours and textures.

We will carry the space and night themes into Literacy and look at the poem ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ and a number of space themed books, including ‘Bump Back to Earth’.

We will continue to look at the structures of stories building on the work of last term and looking at the different characters and settings in stories. We will also continue to focus on learning new sounds in phonics and applying them to our writing. The space theme will continue in our learning through play, we have already built a rocket role play! In maths we will look at measuring and the different ways we can record different measurements.

We will also continue our work on numbers, looking at number formation and number facts up to 20. On Wednesdays, we will be having 5*U sessions in which we will learning how to play a range of different games and all about sportsmanship.


Term 2

This term in Elm our topic is looking at autumn, the changes in our environment, and animals. To do this, we will be going on an autumn walk around Blaise, visiting the zoo and observing animals. In Literacy, we will be looking at books that tie into our topic and producing writing around these, such as recounts from the zoo visit and our own stories. The children will also be learning a poem using actions to help them. In maths, we will be looking at 2d and 3d shapes as well as simple addition.

Wednesday 13th November 2019:

Elm Class went to Bristol Zoo to see the animals. "We really enjoyed seeing the Red Pandas jumping around in the trees. We found out that Red Pandas are also called Fire Foxes. We saw spiders in the Bug World enclosure; the best spider was the Painted Tarantula. We were happy to hear the lion roar really loud. We learnt that a lion's roar travels for 5 miles. The flamingos stood on one leg; we liked them because they were pink. We had lots of fun, it was AMAZING!!"



Term 1

Welcome to all pupils and parent/carers to term 1 in Elm Class.

This term our topic is "Do you want to be friends?" As part of this topic we will be exploring what a good friend is, how to build positive friendships and how to maintain them.

In literacy we will be learning the story 'Finding a Friend' through the process of Talk for Writing. It is hoped the children will  recall the story from memory through learning key actions.

Alongside this, we will be swimming on Monday afternoons.

We are looking forward to an exciting Term 1 in Elm Class. 

Mrs Woodland and Miss Hedge