North Star Academy


Welcome to Holly Class!

Term 2

Flora the Goat

This Term we are looking the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. This week (week beginning 12th November) we had a special visitor come to Woodstock School to help us learn the story, Flora the Goat!

We all learnt a lot about goats and about the special job Flora has here in Bristol of helping the council to clear the brambles and scrubland without the need for weed killers and large machinery.  We now know what the skin hanging under a goats chin is called (a toggle) and also the fact that goats don’t actually like eating grass.



Insect Inventions

This week  (week beginning 5th November) we have created art during our forest school sessions.  We have been looking at the beautiful pictures created by the artist ‘Raku Inoue’.  Raku Inoue creates pictures of insects using natural objects and we have created our own wonderful creatures.  I hope you like looking at our Insect inventions.






Please continue to read at home together as we can see a massive improvement when we look at the students who do read with a parent and carer at least three times a week.  This weeks spellings will be tested next week.  Please encourage you child to read through them and write them out as suggested on the homework sheet.  Thank you.


Subject information: 

Maths - We have started the year looking at number and place value including addition and subtraction. We will move forward onto looking at measuring and working with money. Whilst doing this there will be continual practise of multiplication tables and related division.


English - This term we will be learning to write stories with the traditional structure of a fairytale, we will be beginning by looking at the Norwegian tale of ‘The Billly Goats Gruff’. This will link in to our theme for this term of Mountains and Rivers.  We will be working on sentence structure, the correct use of punctuation and grammar whilst also revisiting common spellings and our handwriting.


Geography – Mountains and Rivers will be our focus for our Geography lessons this term and we will be looking at the water cycle and the importance of rivers and how we make use of them.


PSHE – We will be looking at our dreams and goals.


RE – We will be finding out about different belief systems


Art and DT – We will be looking at the artist Georges Seurat and ‘Pointillism’ and then discovering how to build bridges later in the term.


During all of these lessons we will continue to embed some of the things we learnt last year and will continue to improve on them. This will include how we present our work, our handwriting and the correct use of punctuation, spellings and grammar.


PE / Swimming Lessons

Holly Class will be taking up swimming in term 3 but for term 1 we will be looking at keeping fit and developing skills in throwing and catching as well as developing balance, agility and coordination.


Attendance and school uniform

We have been so pleased to see such smart students this week with wonderful attendance, please ask your children about the ‘popcorn’ Cup that is won each week for the class with the best attendance.