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Our Commitment…

Throughout The Woodway Federation, we plan homework carefully alongside work that pupils do in school. We believe that homework contributes towards raising the achievement of each individual pupil.

It is very important to us that there is an effective partnership between home and school so that we can work together to ensure that all students are supported in their learning and are given the opportunities to achieve to their potential and beyond.

We believe that homework is important because:

  • Homework offers students an opportunity to practice and develop skills
  • Homework offers students an opportunity to consolidate the knowledge and understanding that they have developed in the classroom and gives students useful time to reflect on their learning
  • Homework encourages students to learn how to organise and manage their time
  • Homework encourages students to take greater responsibility for their own learning and can facilitate the independent learning skills that are so important in school and in later life
  • Homework can help students to develop greater resilience and resourcefulness. Students can develop the confidence to deal with frustration, to overcome difficulties and to solve problems.
  • Homework can offer opportunities to work with others to solve problems and achieve shared goals
  • Homework tasks can be an opportunity for the teacher to assess a student’s understanding of class work. This may reveal areas of difficulty that can be addressed. For other students, homework may provide an opportunity to stretch their thinking and delve more deeply into issues.
  • Homework can promote the development of important key sills such as literacy, numeracy and ICT.