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I would like to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. My name is Julie Pester and I have worked at Woodstock School for over 25 years. My role has changed over the years and I have worn many hats but the one I am wearing now is the most exciting!

I will be working across both school, Woodstock and Bristol Gateway. I will be working closely with you, the parents and carers of the schools to ensure your child has the best possible experience whilst they are with us. My official title is “Parent Support and Attendance Manager” but I like to think that I am available to all parents as and when you feel you might need me.

As you are aware attendance is pivotal to our students and we expect them to attend every day, however we do recognise there may be exceptions to this and I want to work with you to ensure they attend as much as possible.

If you feel I can help in any way then please do contact me at:




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