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School Council

Woodway Federation School Council – Our Rationale

Our school council was formed with the aim of giving pupils a voice, so that their views are heard and acted upon.

Students have a positive contribution to make within the decision making processes of our school. When students are more actively involved in these processes, they have an enhanced sense of commitment to the school, its students and its programs.

The Woodway Federation School Council is an important forum that ensures our students have a strong voice within our school and wider community. The growth in self-confidence and leadership abilities demonstrated by councillors is amazing, being a part of the school council allows students to act as role models within the Woodway Federation.

Each class elects a maximum of two councillors, this process happens in September and councillors stay in place for the whole of the academic year. Every child is welcome to stand for election and councillors are elected by their peers. Every one of our elected representatives signs a code of conduct and school council contract, with expectations and commitments decided on by the council. They then elect each other into positions within the council such as chair-person and treasurer. The staff school councillors are: Mrs Garland, Miss Lewis, Miss Hennessy and Mrs Carr.

The Woodway Federation School Council at aims to:

  • Provide students with a sense of ownership, pride and achievement
  • Develop caring and responsible attitudes within our students
  • Provide opportunities for the development of ‘student voice’ within the school
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, team work skills and public speaking skills
  • Raise student awareness of social, school, local and global issues
  • Support and fundraise for school and community based charities and initiatives/special causes

We meet fortnightly in our respective schools and termly as a whole federation to discuss issues of importance to the students of our school including:

  • Possible changes in the school (such as day to day procedures and processes at the school)
  • Fundraising for school and community based charities
  • Activities to develop links between our Primary and Secondary phases

What do we do?

  • We meet regularly
  • We discuss topics that are relevant to all of us such as safety in school, bullying and healthy eating
  • We act as a link between our fellow pupils and our senior leadership team
  • We gather ideas and views from our classmates
  • We listen to everyone’s views and get things done
  • We take part in whole school assemblies
  • We tell visitors what can make our school better
  • We act as role models to other students
  • We keep records of our meetings